Imperfections or Teaching Moments?

Today I was so frustrated at my three toddlers for not putting on their shoes and socks when I asked them to that I literally was jumping up and down like a rabbit trying to inspire obedience. One foot wasn’t enough, I needed two for emphasis. imperfect-human As I put the car in reverse I realized I may be a toddler myself. Putting the car back in park, I asked them all to look at me and I apologized for losing my temper…that we don’t behave like that whether we are 3 or 31.

Its okay to be imperfect, but I know its important to apologize to my kids when I am wrong. They deserve it and they learn from it too. I want my kids to grow up taking responsibility for their actions, to be quick to apologize when they are wrong and quick to forgive.

Kids have a keen sense of justice and they know when they have been wronged. Rather than blur their sense of right and wrong I can reinforce it and use my own imperfections as a teaching moment in which I tell them I am sorry. I shall also refrain from jumping around like a rabbit again too.