What was I Thinking?

I was thinking, “Well, we’re out of beer. What else can I cook my roast in? Water has no flavor. Isn’t there a delicious coffee pot roast recipe my mom used to make? BINGO. What could be more delicious than a coffee marinated roast?” That’s what I was thinking. Almost word for word. It didn’t take me long to find my old coffee grounds. Which if I ever venture to do this again I’ll just use instant coffee to avoid the grit. But it was delicious, flavorful. Everything I dreamed it would be.
Until bedtime.

Our kids are young enough that they all go to bed with lights out by 7:30. Usually we don’t have much of a fight with it either. Until I decided that I would cook their dinner in coffee. Hey- it was 9:30am when I put that roast in there and my sadness at the empty cup of coffee in my hand was partially responsible for my decision.

Around 9:30 – a solid two hours after lights out – over the howling wind outside and the blare of the Iron Man 2 movie, we hear sound bites of London Bridges Falling Down being belted from a bedroom upstairs. It was Brian’s turn to investigate. He found Micah up there standing in his bed, singing as loud as he could while flapping his blanket through the air.

Sorry Babe. I cooked his dinner in coffee.