Buzz Needs a Home

First Felix disappeared. We adopted him and Buzz at the beginning of December. But one beautiful Spring day our little grey and white kitten disappeared. Assuming the nesting-over-our-house eagles got him, we still clung to the hope that he was out hunting and would come back. Esther asked repeatedly for him. About 10 days later I got a call from a humane society in Jefferson City – hundreds of miles away. “We have a cat here that looks like he may belong to you.” Felix! “We have to let you know though, it looks like his back is broken and his legs paralyzed.” My heart fell. Paralyzed! In Jefferson City?! Someone must have picked him up and took him home with them back there. And then what? Ran over him? Awful. We had to make the hard decision to release him to the humane society and then agreed never to tell the kids.

Then came the first weekend of May and a “100 year” flood hit our county and turned our home into an island. After a solid week of rain, we got 8″ on Saturday creating a flash flood of huge proportions. Water took over the fields and swallowed one porch step at a time until it hovered just 14″ inches below our first level. At which point we confirmed the flood insurance we were supposed to have…only to find out we didn’t. But that wasn’t the worst part. We were stranded. Water on every side and we couldn’t get out. If the water had come any higher… well let’s just say I had the fire and rescue number typed in and ready to call. An Evacuation Team would be the only way we could’ve gotten our children out. Touching the house on every side water was almost 3 feet deep. We lost power then water. Almost lost the truck. 

After asking for prayer from friends, the waters receded and we were safe. Water had flooded the crawl space but it’s drying out. God protected us that night in a huge way. The next morning, not having water or electricity we left the house in search of sustenance, letting out my dads chickens on the way into town. Only to come back to a dead chicken. Drowned? Wait – “BUZZ, NOOOOOOO!!”

Buzz had single handedly killed 8 chickens when I caught him with number 9 in his mouth. “Um, we are so grateful you are letting us stay here until our power and water are back on. By the way, my dog killed all your chickens.” I’m pretty sure that just broke all the rules of a “respectful guest.” 

I called several veterinarian clinics and dog trainers, but apparently once the deed is done there’s not much that can be done to change it. Except rehoming him. 

Anyone want a wonderful dog who is good with kids and loves to swim, fetch and run? He’s about a year and a half old and he is an Australian Shepherd mix. He would be a great back yard family dog. (Not so great with livestock.) But he is very good with cats and small children. Send me a message if you want him. And tell others too.  I really don’t want to take him back through the experience of a humane society.