The Saga Continues

The stalking coyote issue revealed itself to be a wolf problem. We don’t have wolves out here so it was something new for us. A week and a half ago the wolf came up to our yard again and stared down our dog, Buzz. Unfortunately it was during breakfast and all the kids looked out the window and saw him. Micah was terrified the “Big Bad Wolf” was coming for him. But by the time we got outside the Wolf had eluded us again.

From that moment on, any time Buzz would bark Micah thought it was the wolf and go into shrieking hysterics. For a week he wouldn’t play outside. It broke my heart to see fear consume him. I prayed for guidance. How do we even begin to get him over this? To a degree the threat was real.

A week after the latest spotting my neighbor sent me a message saying the wolf had been caught and returned to his owner. A pet, the wolf had escaped and had been lost for a month roaming Taney County. My neighbor said the man had a pack of 4 wolves and would be bringing them by his work the next morning.

A strange and perfect situation only God could bring around, I had an idea that perhaps meeting this wolf would help Micah face his fear and overcome it. By removing the unknown and giving the wolf, now in a domesticated setting, a name and a non-threatening “pet” appearance, I hoped the new image would transform his mind.

So the next morning we threw the kids in the car and told them on the way where we were going. We met this wolf pack, learned the wolf’s name was Jake and before we left Micah was petting him and jumping up and down to see them all.

The transformation in Micah was amazing. Though still skittish when our dog barks, I walk him through the identity and situation of Jake until Micah calms and realizes the wolf was a pet and now far, far away. Oklahoma to be exact.

As an adult it is easy to dismiss the fears of my kids. But I think it would be a grave mistake. The spirit of fear is a force to be reckoned with and the evidence of unchecked fear in our nation can be found in the number of prescription bottles for anxiety and other torments. Fear is a thief and teaching our kids how to face their fear is a priority for Brian and I. When we trust in Christ we are not given a spirit that makes us slaves of fear, but we receive the Spirit of sonship.

I am proud of my 3 year old boy and the other kids. He showed strength in facing the wolf and even more strength later in taking control of his thoughts and not allowing himself to become subject to fear again. Now he is the first to burst through the door and ride his bike outside.

How amazing it is to me that God cares so much for little Micah that out of the blue he would arrange for us to meet this wolf and the owner, for the sole purpose of setting Micah free and giving us all closure in the matter. For in truth, pet or not, a starving wolf is an issue.