Esther Turns Five

Five years ago this little girl made me a mommy. She changed our world. Flipped it on its head really. She arrived on her due date without a moment to lose and she’s been a go-get’er ever since.

Here are a few facts about Esther. She has three nicknames: Little E, Sweet Pea, and Our Santa Maria Strawberry. She loves animals and told me just the other week that she wanted a dog and a couple days later a rabbit. I thought she was going to sneak this kitten into our car last weekend.

Esther loves her brothers and sisters. They are her best friends and she easily goes from playing robots and firemen with her brothers to coloring pictures and playing dolls with her baby sisters. She loves snuggles and everyday after her nap she crawls into my lap with a book and we read a story together.

The best thing about Esther is her heart for Jesus and her sensitivity to him. She blows me away with her questions and her prayers. She loves singing and leading people in Bible songs. Her teachers have seen this in her and ask her to help lead the kids in worship at church. Happy Birthday Little E! We love you so much. It is an honor to be your parents and watch you grow.

Pray For Them

In honor of Esther’s birthday, I thought I would put an adult version of her bedtime prayer on here. She has been praying it since she was about two and a half. Since then we have questioned, dissected and talked about the meaning of every phrase.

Father, let (Name) come to know the Lord Jesus Christ at an early age and walk with him all the days of (his/her) life.  In the name of Jesus, I ask you to “bless [Name] and keep [him/her].” Make your “face to shine upon [him/her] and be gracious to [him/her]; LORD lift up [your] countenance upon [Name] and give [him/her] peace.” In the name of Jesus, amen. – Numbers 6:24-26

Prayers taken from the daily prayer on the BiblicalPrayers mobile app. Download today on the App Store or Google Play store.

Frosting in a Pinch


Sometimes I make my own frosting. But most of the time, my focus is on another part of the cake or the dinner. So, here is a quick short-cut to yummy store bought frosting.

  • 1 can  Funfetti Frosting
  • 1/2 tsp Flavoring or Extract of your choice

Mix the flavoring directly into the can and apply as you normally would. Spread it with a knife or put it in a tube with a tip for detail work. (If the frosting becomes too thin just add a little powdered sugar.)

I usually use Funfetti frosting because it comes in just about every color and almost always has sprinkles with it that are fun to use. It is however bland and flavorless. Doesn’t matter if you buy cream cheese or buttercream it all tastes like the factory it was made in. So I add some quick flavoring to it to go with my cake and make it totally delicious. For Esther’s birthday I used lemon flavoring for the white frosting and raspberry flavoring for the pink. Yum.

Tip: Wanna make your frosting from scratch? Make sure you are using a frosting recipe and not an icing recipe! It’s such a simple mistake but so easy to do.