Kick ‘Em Out!

It was nap time and they were all supposed to be going potty and getting in their beds. As I was tucking in Grace the uproar began. Annoyed at Esther and Micah for being unable to carry out my simple request of “go potty and get in bed” I took a quick evaluation of the situation.

Apparently Esther got to one bathroom first and Micah wouldn’t leave. Micah knows better. So I sent him to his room and I took a deep breath. (Because I have been working on this!!)

Sitting on his bed I very calmly I explained to him that if someone is in the bathroom he finds another one. That when Esther asks for privacy he gives it to her and vice versa. He is never to enter the bathroom while someone is trying to use it.

Happy with my cool, calm and collected response I could tell something was wrong. I wasn’t yelling. Why was Micah crying so hard? “Micah, do you feel like you have been treated unfairly?” All I got was blubbering. Micah’s lips swell when he cries so it really is a blubbering mess with more lips than he knows what to do with.

Eventually he took a gulp of air and said, “yeah.” And I said, “Why? Did Esther ask you to leave?” “Yeah.” “Did you?” “No.” “Then why are you so upset? You know that isn’t how you behave. You knew you wouldn’t get away with it.” “She was kicking me.” “What?” “When I didn’t leave Esther starting kicking me hard!” “Okay. Well she should not be doing that either. I’ll have a talk with her. But next time someone is in the bathroom just find a different one.”

So I moved to Esther’s room to clear up this mess. “Were you kicking Micah?” “Yeah. He wouldn’t leave.” “Okay, I know you need your privacy and I’m proud of you for not going in front of him, but you can’t just kick people to make them do something.” “You told me to! You told me that next time I need to get dressed or go potty I am to kick the boys out of the room!” Oops. I did say that.

“Sorry Esther, it’s my fault for using that wording. I meant for you to make sure they leave the room. We don’t hit, kick or push people. This whole thing could’ve been avoided if you had just asked for help. Try that next time.”

Sigh. Time for a brownie.

Pray for them

Lord, empower (Name) to “keep [his/her] tongue from evil and [his/her] lips from speaking deceit.” May (Name) “turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” For, “the eyes of the LORD are toward the righteous and his ear toward their cry.” In the name I Jesus I pray, amen. -Psalm 34:13-15

Prayers taken from the BiblicalPrayers mobile app. Download today on the App Store or Google Play store.

Brownies with a twist

Speaking of brownies… I have taken to the habit of making my brownies with coconut oil instead of regular vegetable oil. It is so much better for you AND it adds that delicious suggestion of coconut. Make sure you get the extra virgin coconut oil that is solid or it will not have the flavor. Coconut oil liquidates at 76 degrees, so it just needs a little boost from room temperature before you can stir it in, but oh my is it good!