Boys will be boys

They have grown up about 2 years since this picture, but I just had to bring it back to do a post that highlighted our boys today. Because boys are awesome and I love mine. There is nothing they love better than being loud. Except maybe being outside with their daddy’s tools misusing them for their own purposes, which usually includes hammering… hammer unnecessary.


Micah loves all things red and all things that have to do with transportation. Helicopters, backhoes, firetrucks, police cars, race cars, boats… you name it this boy has a sound for it. If you took a ride with us in the car you would frequently hear me say, “Micah turn your siren off in the car. You can turn it back on when we are outside.” Which he does, as loud as his high pitched voice can go.

Gabriel is the other expression of pure boy. Anything in his hands is ammunition for whacking, hitting, hammering, smacking… you name it this boy will thrash it until it is pulverized. (Animals and siblings are off limits.) He lives for outside and he doesn’t stop moving. He has two speeds: fast and faster. He frequently runs while looking behind him which probably explains the bloody lip he earned today.

They both are 100% male. Sometimes I have a hard time reconciling it with my personal cravings for neat, clean and quiet. When I feel my nerves beginning to unravel I either send them outside or put tissues in my ears. It’s a self preservation thing. One day, I know, I will be sitting in the silence of my home remembering the days when I craved silence. All too soon this season will pass so I embrace the sirens, the bloody noses and pulverized plants and know that this continues for but a short time and that the hostas will return again next year in their full glory.

My boys have their sweet sides too. Micah snuggles with me for as long as I want during a movie (his choice). Gabriel paints with me and I love seeing his face light up when his creative heart beholds all the colors to choose from. They can’t read yet, so here’s my secret: they can be in the biggest trouble ever, but the moment I hear them say, “I’m sorry Mommy, I love you.” all my fire is gone. Because I just love my little men.

Pray for Them

Lord, I lift up (Name) and I pray that (he/she) would become a (man/woman) who is “strong [in whom] the word of God abides… and [who has] overcome the evil one.” In Jesus’ Name, amen.  – 1 John 2:14

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