Reconciled to Joy

Sin separates us from the all-loving Eternal One. Earthly joy and love are but a mockery in our separation. But in Jesus Christ what was once an irreparable division between the Holy and the Fallen, is now reconciled. Joy denied is now overflowing and bubbling forth from a well of life deep within.

There is such joy to be had in this reconciliation. To be in His presence. To worship at His feet. To soak in His Word. To hear His voice. To accomplish the purposes He has ordained. To experience the love He offers while we are yet sinners.

Where is your joy? Do you lift others up or begrudge those who welcome the new day with a smile? Are you wearing a smile or scowl in candid photos taken? Does the Lord seem near or silent?

Spend time in the Presence of God. Real, scheduled, intentional time. Be reconciled to the One so full of love and grace.

Be present with those He has surrounded you with, not preoccupied and annoyed at every interruption.

If you find yourself reeling from a life that has beaten you down, perhaps you need to surrender your heart to God allowing Him to heal and restore your relationship with Him and others.

Whatever you decide to do, it is the Joy of the Lord that is your strength. Joy empowers you to endure. It is an identifiable characteristic of God’s family members. There is much joy to be found in your reconciliation to Him.