The stay at home order has us all going through the various stages. Shock. Adjustment. Rhythm. And now? Endurance. While the end of the tunnel can be seen for some, for others tensions continue to rise.

We are in a stage of endurance when we strain and feel the full weight of the burden and task at hand. The key is focus.

Plans change. Purpose doesn’t.

-Ted Cunningham

This pandemic has allowed us time to refocus and recalibrate. Now it’s time to get serious and endure. Operations may look different. Plans may have changed. But the call, the purpose does not.

I encourage you to endure. Focus. As strain becomes real, activate your faith and perseverance.

God does not change. The same expectations you had of Him before coronavirus should be the same now. He is still your only Provider. Your only Healer. Faithful. Trustworthy. He still equips those he has called. Even in the midst of pandemics.

Pray Isaiah 7:9

Father, your word says if I “do not stand firm in [my] faith, [I] will not stand at all.” I ask for your strength to endure. Grant me creativity to solve problems impacting this world for your kingdom and purposes.

Planting Seeds

I have always loved flowers, and I would open a flower shop if it meant I didn’t need to work every holiday.

Today Grace, Ruth, Gabe and I planted some seeds. I prefer perennials because I love to see them grow and multiply each year. They are such a beautiful surprise when the chill of winter wears off and my flowers pop up.

So, today after homeschool – last week woo hoo!! – we trotted around the yard finding sunny spots where Daddy wouldn’t weed-eat them down. (It’s okay Babe, I forgive you for weed-eating my lilies of the valley.) In my head, I envision mounting a blue bird house and placing it in the middle of my Lupine patch. How fun!        …for the cats.

A little sun, soil, water, time and prayer will tell the tale. What was today’s choice seeds? Delphiniums and Lupines. They are similar, but the Lupine you see up top and the Delphiniums are depicted below. Personally, I like to buy the seeds because they are cheaper and we get to watch them grow. Besides, the process adds weight to our science lessons.