Book Review: Come Back To Me

Jody Hedlund writes another fantasic novel. And, it might just be my favorite. Come Back To Me is an intriguing novel about time travel, the legendary healing powers of the Tree of Life and the evil intentions of mankind.

Marian Creighton is a scientist, just like her dad. Searching for a cure to the disease that stole her mother and now plagues her sister, Marian resents the distraction of her Father’s private research. But when he falls into a coma while testing his own research, Marian begins her own journey discovering how time travel and the tree of life may not be so ridiculous afterall. When love unexpectedly touches her heart in an ancient era, Marian must find a way to go back.

Could. Not. Put. It. Down. Then wanted to immediately read it again. The tree of life and all the legends surrounding it is fertile enough gound for a great book, but Hedlund doesn’t stop there. Adding time travel and danger while constrasting the social customs of the middle ages and present day, Hedlund weaves a story of love and danger, sacrifice and healing. Lovers of Outlander will celebrate this redemptive story of adventure, history and faith. Don’t miss out of this story!