Book Review: Labyrinth of Lies

Labyrinth of Lies is the latest book of award winning author Irene Hannon. With over sixty novels, Hannon has put her skill into weaving another modern, romance thriller. Second book in the Triple Threat series, Labyrinth of Lies follows the story of undercover agents Cate Reilly and Zeke Sloan.

When the daughter of a wealthy businessman goes missing, there is more going on than meets the eye on the posh Ivy Hill Academy campus. When traces of a cartel ring are made known, Cate suspects the girl did not runaway with her boyfriend as initially believed. When the different angles of this case forces Cate and Zeke to work together, the sparks begin to fly. Again. Regret, anger, distrust and attraction all crash together to fuel a raging fire.

Labyrinth of Lies has a decent plot. Cartel activity on an elite, private all-girls school campus? Who is behind it? And what happened to the girl? This novel was very much the book version of every average action movie in my opinion. Suspense, physical encounters and fights, danger, love interest. It was okay. As a reader, I did not identify with either character, so it felt like being outside the story a bit. For me, this was not a book I read deep into the night, but I did finish it. So there is that.

Three stars.