Book Review: Crosshairs

Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley is the third book in her Natchez Trace Series. It is the story of Ainsley Beaumont, a ranger in the investigative services branch of the Park Rangers and Lincoln Steele, a former FBI sniper. Beaumont and Steele cross paths unexpectedly when Beaumont comes back to her hometown to investigate the murder of a young woman. Striving to prove herself as a female investigator, Beaumont is determined her rising flame for former boyfriend Steele will not get in her way. Steele has other plans entirely.

Lots of twists in this book. I found the ending unexpected and interesting. Looking back I think Patricia Bradley did a great job weaving small clues into the book. By balancing danger and suspense with love triangles, Bradley does not leave you on a boring page.

If you prefer crime, suspense, murder and a case to solve then you will find this book will fall in line.

Morality as a theme is often over looked in books, but you will find the theme of classic moral justice in Crosshairs. Good characters come to good ends, bad characters come to bad ends. Justice served. There is also a theme of relational redemption as well.

All and all, I found the book entertaining but also similar in footprint to book 1 in this series, Standoff, and so I give it 3 stars.