These are the days that go by like a blur. I know one day I will look back and try to remember the details. Details that will likely be indiscernible since even the hours of each day blend together.

Let me begin with an introduction to my life. My husband and I have 5 beautiful children that are a total of three years apart. Our oldest daughter was three and our twin boys were two when our twin girls were born. All natural my friends. This is our story.

People look at Brian and I and say, “You’ve got your hands full!” Then they ask how we do it or what it looks like. They think we are some brand of superheroes but they don’t see the mess. Personally, it all looks like a mess to me but it is a beautiful mess and it is mine. So this is where I will Remember The Blur. A honest snapshot of these years and what they look like. The moments that make me cry and laugh. The systems we use and the products we love. I’m sure some will read this blog and flee the scene. But there are other moms and dads out there who I believe will be able to relate and it is my prayer that they will be blessed and even encouraged by it. We are after all the lucky ones.

Leslie Crouse

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