Book Review: A Dance in Donegal

Jennifer Deibel releases her first debut novel A Dance in Donegal where Moria Doherty moves from America to her ancestral home of Donegal, Ireland in the wake of her mother’s death. Mystery surrounds the little town and she finds herself facing a family secret she knows nothing of. Navigating the tight knit community and the prejudice against her, she finds refuge in a few good friends while discovering the cost of loving one’s neighbor. Sean, a handsome thatcher offers his protection as the threats to her safety grow. But that isn’t the only thing that grows – the feelings Sean and Moria share grow too.

Moria, the heroine, is a bit of a paradox. Skittish by nature, jumping at the toll of church bells and other sounds, she seems to be very fearful. Yet, her actions indicate courage – moving to a land she has never seen completely alone and unchaperoned after her mothers death. Nursing back to health a troubled teenager who had threatened her physically. Overcoming a sexual assault within a few weeks. She is a little hard to figure out. Sean – the hero – is a more steady figure. He lives by his convictions, is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. His steadfast nature is a good complement to Moria’s more fearful one.

When the secret about her family does come to light, the two find their footing but until the entire town is flipped upside down in all its understandings and prejudices. This book is about overcoming with a steadfast character and allowing God to fight your battles for you.

If you are looking for an easy read with a little romance in a beautiful setting, A Dance in Donegal is for you.