Book Review: A Life Once Dreamed

Rachel Fordham has created an original! I have to say that frontier teachers are a favorite story line of mine, but so many resemble each other. Rachel Fordham created a heartwarming original and I loved every moment of it. From the doomed romance to the fiery trials that wrought new character, this book was fresh.

Agnes Pratt seeks a way to save the man she loves when she discovers a dark secret about herself. Knowing it would ruin him she runs to the frontier to attempt her hand at teaching. James Harris though is not a man daunted by disappointment. Agnes is the one James wants and he wants answers while she is determined to keep him in the dark.

Rich with themes of identity and prejudice, Rachel Fordham created an original. With the lovely setting in the Dakotas, Penance is a perfect town for those who are searching to make it on their own. James’ character was steadfast and true, while Agnes vacillated around her secret. Eventually, the truth comes out and Agnes must trust that James will be back. Great book with beautiful themes and a creative story line.¬†