Book Review: A Midnight Dance

Wow. Can I simply begin with that? This book was so good that after I finished it, I picked it up again two days later and reread it. But first things first.

A Midnight Dance, written by Joanna Davidson Politano is a diamond. It seems each time she writes, her skill at communicating truth soars to new heights. In A Midnight Dance, Ella Blythe is a peasant girl with a deep love of ballet. Her mother, a previous prima donna, taught her everything she knows and Ella can dance better than any of the girls who are currently in the ballet corps. But her one draw back is her identity and her feelings of never being enough. When her mother dies, the secrets of her parentage die with her. When a scholarship opportunity arises, Ella goes armed with the two items that her mother left her: a music box and a pair of beautiful red ballet slippers. Ella pursues her dreams and the truth of her parents, only to discover so much more.

Joanna Davidson Politano weaves a story about identity and the importance of having the right focal point. A truly beautiful story, full mystery and danger, love and loss. Ella’s two love interests each represent two aspects of her personality at war within her: order and safety verses freedom and confidence. Davidson also exposes the truth of dreams. The anticipation of a dream can be deceiving as it is perfect without flaw, while discovering the reality of a dream in hand requires strength, perseverance, and many flaws.

A Midnight Dance will be a book I read and recommend often. Five Stars!!