Book Review: A Song Unheard

Roseanna M. White is an author I typically seek out for new books. I loved her Ladies of the Manor series and look for other books by her. She just released her second book from the Shadows Over England series: A Song Unheard. Situated in England during World War I the heroine, Miss Willa Forsythe, is a woman of extraordinary talent. Willa is not only one of London’s most adept pickpockets she is also a prodigy at the violin. Her abilities put her at the center of attention for both the English and German governments as they vie for an important weapon of war.

At first, Willa’s prickly personality feels unapproachable until her heartrending story unfolds. As she faces her hardest job yet, she is torn between the man she loves, the job she is required to do and the two governments fighting for her completed work.

I give this book three and a half stars. I enjoyed it and found it entertaining, but the story progressed slowly. Only until I was half way through did I find myself looking for time in my day to read. It seemed to me the characters took a while to be developed and for the action to start. I also thought some of the characters were under developed, especially the members of the De Wilde Family.  Focusing more on their situation in Brussels amidst the German occupation would have been excellent material to include and I found myself wishing I knew more about their situation. Otherwise, it was an entertaining story. I liked it enough that I’ll try and find the first book.