Book Review: Adamant

Adamant by Lisa Bevere, addresses the matter of truth in our culture today. As our culture perceives truth as something that is pliable, adaptable and contingent upon personal experience, Lisa dives into what the Bible says. What is it? Or the more accurate question would be, Who is it?

Once again, Lisa speaks poignant truth in love to Christians who feel battered by the ever changing expectations of culture.

This book I give four and a half stars and highly recommend it. One of my favorite parts is the opening, when she describes the connection between the legendary hunt for the Adamant Stone and the connection to Christ. Excited about it, I asked my husband (a well-versed and wide-spread reader) if he had read anything about the Adamant Stone. He said he had not, but that in many popular  video games there is a weapon called the “adamantine” which is a stone with supernatural powers and the purpose is to find and retrieve it. Lisa’s introduction to the Adamant, is one of the most unique beginnings to a book I have read. It was more than intrigue however, because in this Adamant I saw Christ reflected in so many ways.

There is the rock in the wilderness that supernaturally provided water for millions of people. The stone the builders rejected because they could not mold it for their own purposes which later became the capstone of His eternal kingdom built of supernatural living stones (the church). All Biblical references to the truth of Jesus Christ. The immovable, unbreakable, unchangeable, indestructible, all-powerful Truth. Truth that does conform to society, but to which societies conform. Truth that cannot be bound or harnessed, but rather breaks chains and sets free. I see Lisa’s connection and I love this message. It is a now word for God’s people.

My other favorite part was her challenge to choose between being influential and being popular. Christians in America are under fire because of our stand for Truth. We are embroiled in legal battles, sued for our beliefs. We are pushed out of schools and shouted down at speeches. A few years ago some were even challenged to stand up in their college class and then gunned down for identifying with Christ. Persecution is real here in America and it is growing in violence rapidly. We cannot bury our heads in the sand, we must stand on our Adamant. We must be bold and choose truth. We must read the Word of God to discern God’s Adamant from the world’s shifting ideas.

If you haven’t read Lisa Bevere’s newest book, I recommend you grab it today because it is packed with challenging questions every Christian should be considering.