Book Review: An Appalachian Summer

Ann H. Gabhart pens another wonderful novel set in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Piper Danson is caught between her father’s plans for her marriage to the handsome and wealthy Braxton Crandall and her own lifelong love for Jamie Russel. Piper buys herself time by escaping to the Appalachian mountains as a volunteer midwife nurse courier. Extreme demands strengthen her self resolve and help define the decision she is trying to escape.

The plot and setting is reminiscent of the Christy television series. A wealthy debutante seeking to test her worth and escape the meaningless demands of upper class society, two men fighting for her heart, a backwoods Mission full of strong women and a mountainside of people who are rough around the edges but prove to be of higher quality than those who grace the society columns.

Gabhart did a great job reflecting certain truths about life through Piper and Jamie’s relationship. Despite her love for him, his treatment of her has made her reticent to welcome him back in. But, her hesitance is born from pride and nearly costs her everything she loves. Other nuggets of truth can be found in this heart-warming story.