Book Review: Miriam’s Song

Jill Eileen Smith has done a beautiful job writing the story of Miriam, Moses’ sister. Following Miriam as a young woman who is brave enough to stand in the crocodile infested reeds of the Nile to the woman who helps support Moses in his leadership of the Israelites out of Egypt.

Rich with research, Miriam’s Song is facinating to take a closer look at the Egyptian culture, the plagues that rocked the land and the journey of a freed people with slave mentality.

Smith brings history to life, including the struggles and emotions this time in history encapsulates. Miriam and her family represent the remnant that stays loyal to the Lord despite the idolatry of the people. Together with her brothers Moses and Aaron, Miriam helps guide the Israelites out of Egypt and through life in the desert.

As she goes from one desert trial to the next, Miriam learns who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob truly is and her faith is refined in every struggle.

This is an evenly paced book. There are no scenarios that tug deeply at the heart and no suspense that stirs the reader. It simply follows Miriam and retells her story with fresh perspective.