Book Review: Reckless Love

Aurora Daughtry is a vivacious young woman with drive and a head for business. When she sets out to transform her father’s saloon to a respectable boarding house, she finds her hands full with more tham than she expected.

Zane Sager is a confirmed bachelor on the hunt for a man who tormented him in prison and shot a federal judge. Hiding his witnesses in the abandoned saloon proves more distracting than he originally planned.

This is the last of the Daughtry House series by Beth White. It was a fantastic book, although the romance was a little too fast paced for my taste. Compared to the first two books, it seemed to me Zane, the hero, was a bit of a mystery. Would have liked his character to be more fleshed out.

Otherwise, it was full of relevant issues we find ourselves discussing today such as racism and prejudice. While there is no way Beth White could have forseen the current cultural climate of our nation, her book speaks to the issues and is evidence of the Lord’s direction and timing.