Book Review: Silent Shadows

Silent Shadows by Natalie Walters

Pecca moved to Walton, Georgia to be a nurse at Home for Heros, a rehabilitation clinic for military veterans. But her true reason for leaving Texas was to protect her son from her past. Colton Crawford comes to Home for Heros to find healing so he can return to his promising career as an intelligence officer for the US Army. As Pecca’s past catches up, Colton finds a reason to push past his weakness and find a new meaning of purpose.

Walters puts together an interesting plot , community and setting. I loved the veterans and the community this book creates. But I found the characters to be a little bit under-developed. Pecca was a relatable enough heroine although I think she was a bit naive with an immature (almost teenage) thought life. Colton was a harder character to relate to as there was very little reveled about this background, his thoughts or his motives. Perhaps this was intentional, but it made him hard to connect with. There was danger in this story, but it was portrayed to be more intense than it was for the reader. This book reminded me of a teen version of Mary Higgins Clark  (rest in peace wonderful Ms. Higgins). All in all, I give it a rating of 3 stars and would recommend it as teen/young adult fiction.