Book Review: Standoff

Standoff by Patricia Bradley was such a good book! In fact, it made me go pick up some more of her books. But first, the synopsis:

Brooke Danvers is ready to become law enforcement for the Natchez Trace Park Rangers when she discovers her dad has just been murdered. Luke Fereday is undercover for the park rangers to discover the cartel movement through the trace. With their history in high school, sparks fly as this case pulls them closer together and more attacks on Brooke increase.

Brooke was a competent and intelligent heroine who seemed aloof at times. Luke was a fantastic hero. Caught between his job and the truth, he struggled to walk the line without blowing his cover. With a twist at the end, this story keeps its momentum.

This was a great mystery. I had the suspects narrowed down but not quite pinned. Kept me on the edge of my seat and I finished the book in a day or two. Basically any moment the kids allowed me to read. I highly recommend!

My only suggestion? The cover art. The heroine in the story has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The girl they feature looks like her best friend with red hair and green eyes. My niece and I are both wondering if the cover art got switched and Brooke’s face will appear on the cover of book 2.

Happy reading!