Book Review: The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

Over the last five years I have spent a lot of time rocking babies and reading books.  One of my favorite authors is Julie Klassen. I think I have read every one of Julie Klassen’s books. Recently I finished the second book, The Ladies of Ivy Cottage in her newest series Tales From Ivy Hill.

First of all, I could not put this book down it was so good. I found the diverse range of characters and various unique-to-women struggles refreshing to this genre. Rarely do readers get a closer look at the historical aspect of universal issues like miscarriage and women in business. Because of this unique perspective I believe this book will connect with many readers on a personal level.

So Good!

All my favorite characters from The Inn Keeper of Ivy Hill return bringing with them their personal histories as well as intriguing new characters. In fact, in comparing the second book with the first, The Ladies of Ivy Cottage provides the rich background of the relationships between all the characters that The Inn Keeper of Ivy Hill lacked. So much so, I found myself wondering why Klassen did not put some of this background story to the first book to help provide context. Be it as it may, with The Ladies of Ivy Cottage, Klassen will keep the reader riveted to a great story and concludes it by setting  the next book up with a new twist in Jane, Mercy and Rachel’s future.

Let’s do this together! Join me in my journey back in time to Ivy Hill village. The newly released The Ladies of Ivy Cottage is now available on or at your local book store. Looking forward to Julie Klassen’s next book!