Book Review: The Sound of Distant Thunder

The newest book by Jan Drexler, The Sound of Distant Thunder is set in an Amish county in Ohio. As young love blossoms between Jonas Weaver and Katie Stuckey, it is tried and tested by the oncoming civil war. Raised in a position of nonresistance and peace, Jonas struggles with a call in his heart to the war and what that might mean for the future he and Katie are building together. But when a Union draft comes, he must make the hardest choice of his life.

Typically I do not gravitate toward Amish books, but I so enjoyed this story set along Weaver’s Creek in Ohio. Jan Drexler does such a good job relating the reader to the characters. From Katie’s mother who has become a prisoner of her own grief to the contradictory thoughts and actions of Levi, each character has a purpose and a story.

My favorite part of this book is the moral dilemma Jonas faces as he chooses between his future bride, the teachings of his youth and the stirring in his heart to see freedom a reality for all people. He yearns for the quiet of his dreams and yet is pulled toward the unknown of war. Seeing Jonas’ road to personal growth in this story tugged at my heart as he works to reconcile his sense of duty and conviction. As some books read from a single perspective, I found The Sound of Distant Thunder to be refreshing because  Drexler integrated the various perspectives of each character bringing a rich depth to the story and pulling the reader in.

This is a book worth reading. The rich history of the Amish, their heritage of being hard workers and men and women of conviction is a great setting for this story. I give this book a 4 star rating for its easy pace and deep story line.