Book Review: Thirsty For More

Allison Allen brings a fresh perspective to what Christians refer to as the “desert season.” We use this term to describe the season of faith that is dry or quiet often resulting in months without so much as a stir in our spirit. This season is one of the hardest to weather through as it seems to offer no direction, no growth, no communion. Yet, Allison Allen brings a new perspective to this time of spiritual drought and a new appreciation for this season of growth.

Thirsty For More opens with a personal testimony from Allen herself and then similar experiences from who are considered the spiritual greats such as Mother Teresa and others. After reading Thirsty For More, I find myself zeroing in on the word “desert” as I read through my Bible paying fresh attention to what is happening there in the wilderness.

Another poignant statement that resonated deep within me is how every desert scene I know of in the Bible begins by a person or people being led intentionally by the Spirit of God. Abraham, Elijah, Ezekial, John the Baptist and of course Jesus. Be it a wilderness or an actual desert, each was led there by the Spirit of God for a purpose. A new perspective changes everything and Thirsty For More provides this needed balm. If you are struggling through a particularly dry season in your faith walk, I highly recommend this book.