Book Review: Together Forever

 Jody Hedlund is one of my absolute favorite authors. The setting of her stories is gripping from the moment you read the description. Together Forever is the second book in her Orphan Train Series and it is a powerful book. Once again, Hedlund brings you into the heart of the issue and the pain of letting go of those you love.

Marianne Neumann is an agent for the Children’s Aid Society and she is searching for her sister. At a time in New York City, when immigration was reaching new heights, the Children’s Aid Society was inundated with countless orphans and the organization was charged with finding them new homes out West.

Marianne Neumann took the job in part to find her sister and also to help the children who are walking the same road she herself did. On her first trip as a Children’s Aid Society placing agent, she is faced with the rigorous challenge of supervising thirty restless children who have never had to report to anyone. As attachments grow, she is faced with the challenge of letting go. Meanwhile, she is also falling hard for the other agent who draws out her vivacious personality and sees her for the treasure that she is.

A story tied with regret, forgiveness and new beginnings, Together Forever will not disappoint. The rich canvas of characters, the heart rending sections based on true stories and the redemptive nature combine to create a beautiful story. The history and the true nature of this story brings to life the modern day immigration crisis. Not only is this an excellent book for the rich history, but it is also timely. I give this book a 5 star rating and highly recommend it.