Burden of Proof

Davis Bunn locked me into Burden Of Proof in the first chapter. Ethan,  a retired professional surfer is enjoying his last sunrise row when his estranged sister-in-law changes his life with a wild idea, a chance to change the past and a van.

Being propelled back into time Ethan has a second chance at saving his brother’s life and rewrite the mistakes he made in his own life. But Ethan only has about six weeks. This time, he cannot fail. Or tell anyone his secret.

Ethan is a compelling hero. With his one character flaw being selfishness, his wisened 51 year old self sees his 20 something years in a whole new light. The relationships he damaged, the choices he made… now he knows every ending. We see him develop and mature into a man worthy of respect and selfless acts.

Bunn fleshes out every character and their motives making each one engaging and connected to the reader. With a a few twists in the plot, the suspense packed Burden of Proof will engage every reader.

Themes of selfishness and self-sacrifice, bitterness and restoration as well as moral consequences for every decision, this book is a great read from beginning to end.