The Love Note

Joanna Davidson Politano writes a beautiful novel about forgiveness and discovering the person who is worth fighting for in the The Love Note. A mysterious love note travels through a wealthy but broken family, touching the hearts of everyone and changing them from the inside out. Inspiring everything from boldness and hope to jealousy and strife.

Willa Duvall is a determined heroine. Focused on avoiding marriage proposals and pioneering the world of medicine in the mid 1800’s she is easy to like but suffers from a bad case of denial. Denial seems to be her biggest weakness as it blinds her to her own feelings and the true direction she longs for.

Gabe Gresham does not fit in to the rest of his family. With a different way about him entirely, Gabe’s silence is often seen as a lack of confidence. While his strengths include dependability and loyalty, he is content to let others define his role and be complacent with it.

I think in the end, I loved the story of the actual love note and the history of that couple more than that of Willa. But, it was a great read and I did not want to put it down as I love everything Joanna Davidson Politano writes.