Dinner Recipes

IMG_7280“Something smells good…” are my favorite words to hear at 5:45pm when Brian walks through the back door and rescues me from the leg climbers.

Dinner time for me is special. I like to have us all sitting around the table talking and being together. And let’s be honest- with Esther being 4, the boys 3 and the girls 18mo there’s more screaming at this point than there is talking. But this is where I teach my kids social skills. Like how to sit, chew with their mouth closed and wait for their turn to talk. It is my favorite time of day because we are all together in a somewhat organized fashion. Dinner is hard work but I cherish this time and I know the investment is worth it.

So! I have decided to share with you my favorite recipes that are either passed down through the generations or are my easy go-to staples. Oh happy day!