Pray For Them

My biggest passion is Jesus and praying his powerful Word over those I love. As parents we have been given the unique privilege to lead, shape and champion our children. One of the ways I do this is by praying biblical scripture over them every day.

Parenthood is driven by ticking time-bombs so each prayer takes less than 60 seconds to pray. All you have to do is insert the name and pronoun of the person you are praying for. Easy.

Psalm 5:12, Numbers 6:24-27

Father, because “you bless the righteous,” I ask you to, “cover [Name] with favor as with a shield.” May, “the LORD bless [Name] and keep [him/her]; the LORD make his face to shine upon [Name] and be gracious to [him/her]; the LORD lift up his countenance upon [Name] and give [him/her] peace.” Father, I speak this blessing over (Name) in the name of Jesus Christ and by this, “put [your] name upon [Name, that you] will bless [him/her].” Amen.