We Do Family Different: Role of a Parent

Welcome to our new series on Family! Over the next several weeks we will be diving into God’s amazing Word on what it looks like to raise a family God’s way. To make sure you do not miss out follow our blog and share it with friends who would love it too!

Role of a Parent

God assigned parents the unique responsibility of determining the focus and priorities of the family. Parents get to decide where the family energy comes from, what that energy flows to and for what purpose. Parents are the gatekeepers of family activities, schedules, plans, and attitudes. As such, the parent is in a position to shape the future strength of the family bond. If your desire is to create a family with a strong bond able to endure the messiness of life, then your perspective needs to be focused on that which endures and your family energy used for that purpose.

Nearly all the things we commit our time and energy to fade away with this life. There are, however, three exceptions to this rule – Faith, Hope, Love – and as parents we can shift our family focus to activities that support and foster these three enduring qualities. Using God’s family as a model, which is the greatest blended and enduring family on earth, we too can build our families upon the same foundation using the same pillars.

Read Matthew 6:19-21 and pray that your family’s energy and time would be spent pursuing activities that are focused on that which endures beyond this life, binding your family together in Jesus Christ.