Boys and Bugs

I have resigned myself to the knowledge that I will never understand the male mind. It is beyond me. Rarely am I floored when I have a conversation with my son, but yesterday was different. Here’s the gist of it:

“So, what happened again?” “I ate a dragonfly!” “Why?” “Because it was dead.” “Okay. How did you know it was dead?” “I killed it with my shoe.” “I see. So, you killed the dragonfly with your shoe, put it in your mouth and swallowed it.” “Yes.” “I guess I don’t understand why you would eat it. What made you decide to put it in your mouth?” “Well, I killed it and because there wasn’t any blood I knew it would be good to eat.”

Now, I spent several minutes fishing for more information, like the possible source for his new found wisdom. But, as the minutes ticked by I believe the look of horror on my face eventually shut him down. For better reference here, there are the pretty iridescent dragonflies and then there are the fat ugly brown ones. We are in the season for the latter, which is what he found to be so tasty.

Horrified and thoroughly stumped, I searched my parenting experience for what to do. I mean, what do I do with a boy who snacks on giant dragonflies? It really isn’t a punishable offense, and by all accounts dragonflies are technically edible. Along with roaches, grasshoppers and termites. Or so my helpful husband tells me.

later, I talked with my son about the possibility of this incident being an attempt to make  his siblings laugh. (It was my best guess.) He denied it, but I know there’s a comedian locked inside of there. We discussed how comedians earn money making people laugh and how laughter can bring healing to the soul. After affirming he was smart and already makes others laugh, I told him he did not need to be gross or yucky to do it.

Pray for them

Praying for wisdom today… perhaps someone you know could use a little more as well.

Father, according to James 3, I ask for your heavenly wisdom and understanding to be upon (Name) all the days of (his/her) life.  “By [his/her] good conduct let [him/her] show [his/her] works in the meekness of humility.” I ask specifically for the “wisdom from above [which] is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness [to be] sown in peace by [(Name), who makes] peace.” In the name of Jesus, I ask these things, amen.  – James 3:13, 17-18

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Locust and Cricket Chermoula

For those of you who love to eat exotic foods diving into the delicacies of crickets and such, here is a recipe for you. Unfortunately, I am afraid I cannot personally recommend it as I have no intentions of ever trying it. I ate a cricket once at a missions dinner. The leg broke off and the spikes caught on my tongue and a friend had to help me remove it. Hopefully your experience is a better one.

  • 3 tsp vegetable oil
  • baby spinach
  • Crickets
  • lime juice
  • 1/2 cup Cilantro
  • 1/2 tsp Paprika
  • 1/4 cup Butter, softened
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1 tsp Garlic
  • 1/4 tsp Cumin
  • Chili Powder, to taste

Chop Cilantro leaves and mix together with paprika, butter, salt, garlic, cumin and chili power and set aside.

To cook crickets, heat oil and add crickets. Stir until “spitting subsides.” Add the butter mixture until completely melted. Add spinach and toss until slightly wilted. Serve hot.

This is not my creation. For further clarification you can read it first hand at the FineDiningLovers website:


Boys will be boys

They have grown up about 2 years since this picture, but I just had to bring it back to do a post that highlighted our boys today. Because boys are awesome and I love mine. There is nothing they love better than being loud. Except maybe being outside with their daddy’s tools misusing them for their own purposes, which usually includes hammering… hammer unnecessary.


Micah loves all things red and all things that have to do with transportation. Helicopters, backhoes, firetrucks, police cars, race cars, boats… you name it this boy has a sound for it. If you took a ride with us in the car you would frequently hear me say, “Micah turn your siren off in the car. You can turn it back on when we are outside.” Which he does, as loud as his high pitched voice can go.

Gabriel is the other expression of pure boy. Anything in his hands is ammunition for whacking, hitting, hammering, smacking… you name it this boy will thrash it until it is pulverized. (Animals and siblings are off limits.) He lives for outside and he doesn’t stop moving. He has two speeds: fast and faster. He frequently runs while looking behind him which probably explains the bloody lip he earned today.

They both are 100% male. Sometimes I have a hard time reconciling it with my personal cravings for neat, clean and quiet. When I feel my nerves beginning to unravel I either send them outside or put tissues in my ears. It’s a self preservation thing. One day, I know, I will be sitting in the silence of my home remembering the days when I craved silence. All too soon this season will pass so I embrace the sirens, the bloody noses and pulverized plants and know that this continues for but a short time and that the hostas will return again next year in their full glory.

My boys have their sweet sides too. Micah snuggles with me for as long as I want during a movie (his choice). Gabriel paints with me and I love seeing his face light up when his creative heart beholds all the colors to choose from. They can’t read yet, so here’s my secret: they can be in the biggest trouble ever, but the moment I hear them say, “I’m sorry Mommy, I love you.” all my fire is gone. Because I just love my little men.

Pray for Them

Lord, I lift up (Name) and I pray that (he/she) would become a (man/woman) who is “strong [in whom] the word of God abides… and [who has] overcome the evil one.” In Jesus’ Name, amen.  – 1 John 2:14

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Book Review: The Theory of Happily Ever After

The Theory of Happily Ever After by Kristin Billerbeck has a very interesting plot, with a scientist who recently published her findings on happiness. However, she is most unhappy. Though on top of the world, after a personal setback, Maggie Maguire loses her focus and questions all the choices in her life. When her friends drag her onto a singles cruise, she learns the meaning of true love and finds the direction she needs to refocus her efforts and continue forward with her life’s work.

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Turning Four!

Micah and Gabriel will be turning four tomorrow. It’s always bitter sweet to revisit their birth. I will never forget my water breaking 10 weeks early and the eight weeks that followed. There was the unsuccessful bed rest, the midnight emergency surgery and the requested blood transfusion for my son whom I had not yet met. That day launched Brian and I into eight of the longest weeks of our lives.

So small and so perfect. Between the two there were 20 perfectly formed fingers and 20 perfectly formed toes. It was a full week before I got to hold Gabriel for the first time. He was about three pounds and barely fit in my hand. It was another several days before I got to hold Micah. How I had longed for that moment when I could at last feel their heartbeat next to mine.

We traveled back and forth to the hospital NICU every day. For eight weeks my heart was torn. I longed to be beside my sons every minute of their stay, yet Esther was only 11 months old and needed me too. When I was with the boys, I felt like I should be home. And when I was home I felt I should be at the hospital. All through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years we went back and forth. That 2013 holiday season is indelibly written on my heart.

Looking back, it is amazing to see how God poured out his grace upon us (The inspiration for Grace’s name). Family flew across the country to help. Friends and neighbors we were still building relationships with stepped in and showered God’s love on us. We never lacked for anything. God grew our faith into new places and blessed us with relationships that would remain strong.

Now, at four years old, despite arriving 10 weeks early — Micah having had a prolapsed cord and Gabriel needing a blood transfusion– Micah and Gabriel are as fast and strong as ever and are keeping me on my toes. They make me laugh every day with their joy. This week we were reading the story of Moses and the burning bush when Gabriel says, “Call Fireman Sam! He’ll water it up.” Love you boys. Happy 4th birthday.

pray for them 

Take less than 30 seconds to pray your loved ones will have such an intimacy with Christ they are humble and effective vessels for his work.

Heavenly Father, keep (Name’s) heart pure from pride in thinking that it is through (his/her) “own power or piety” that healing takes place. Rather, establish (Name) in your truth that it is only “[Jesus’] name – by faith in [Jesus’] name” that makes us strong and brings us “perfect health.” In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.      – Acts 3:12, 16

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Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are so fun! Tonight I will be making Micah a Mack birthday cake and Gabriel a Painters cake. This is all I have so far… but no worries. Finished product pictures and instructions coming on Monday!