We Do Family Different: Meals and Missed Opportunities

There is hidden treasure in mealtimes. The sit-down-at-a-table, family meal is usually the first to go in a busy life. But the sit-down, family meal holds a wealth of opportunity. From homemade feasts to easy takeout the act of sharing a meal brings people together. No shows. No phones. No iPads. No tablets. Just the faces you love most in the world.

A family meal two to three times a week does wonders to connect and reconcile family members.  All families have arguments and the ability to set each other on fire. Overcoming that anger and choosing to sit beside each other to share a meal plants the seeds for reconciliation.

Family meals teach us to value others and the effort that went into making the meal. It teaches us to honor others and develop an attitude of thankfulness. We may not always prefer the food in front of us, but we are called to honor the one who provided it and be thankful for the food. Hunger is not a thing of the past and provision should never be taken for granted.

If food is a source of anxiety for someone in your family, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit here. Walk in love, but do not throw out this rich opportunity to bring your family together. From value, honor and gratitude to social and emotional intelligence, a family’s character is shaped around a dinner table.


  1. If someone came to you and said, “Over the next 18 years you can have 2,000 hours of time to teach, train, support, connect, refresh, relax, reconcile and laugh together as a family,” would you take it? Why or why not?
  2. If you spent 18 years of your life in 2,000 hours of conversation and connection with the same group of people, would you be invested and committed to those relationships? Would those relationships be more or less likely to weather life’s trials?
  3. What are some ways you can shift your family’s habits to allow for everyone in your household to come together for two or three 45-minute meals a week? Or, if your family is now grown can you set aside time to meet for a weekly meal with those who are close?

Read Hebrews 10:24-25, Matthew 6: 25-34 and pray Acts 2:42.

Acts 2:42

Father, help me organize our time to include family meals as a place where we can devote ourselves to your “teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Share your ideas with us! How often do you meet with your family for a meal? What are some of your favorite go-to’s for a family meal?


Happy Thursday everyone! I love Thursday because it means tomorrow is Friday and my man will be home for two whole days. And, as promised, I have included the recipe for the pasta sauce I told you I would post this week. Seriously, you will want to make it in buckets.

This month has had a few landmarks for our family. Esther went to her first big-girl birthday party when her friend at school turned 5. She felt very special she got to go and not her brothers. It was fun for me too, since I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her and get to know the other parents as well.

Esther and her party games

Also this month, my baby girls turned 18 months. This may be my favorite stage they are in. Grace and Ruth walk everywhere now, are independent enough to do things all by them selves and yet are still so baby-cuddly and eager to please.


Grace (green) is full of sass. She climbs onto more things than the boys ever did. She samples with gusto anything I am making for dinner and if I can’t find something I’ve a pretty good notion that it’s because she helped me out by throwing it away. She lives for verbal praise.








Ruth (blue) tends to be more cautious and laid back. She loves all things girly and is my little snuggler. If she sees anyone getting a hug, you can bet that Ruth will be racing around the corner to get hers too. Every time I fold laundry Ruth crawls in my lap for a front row viewing. (And yes, she likes robots.)

These girls bring so much joy to our world we could never imagine it without them.

Pray For Them

 John 14:21

Pray that in walking through all events of life, the character of your loved one will be shaped into God’s image.

San Marzano pasta Sauce

As promised, here is the recipe for the amazing pasta sauce. It is so incredibly easy to make and your kids will love it. Mine hate tomatoes with an everlasting fire, but they didn’t even care when they tasted this sauce. Even asked for more. I think the secret here are the San Marzano tomatoes. It’s an Italian tomato and it’s distinct taste makes it more tangy than other tomatoes. I order my cans from Amazon in bulk because it is a staple and it is cheaper this way. Plus, why make a trip when it can come straight to my door?